Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code

1701.01 Adoption.
1701.02 Additions and Modifications.


Adoption by reference - See 3rd Class City Code, 11 Pa.C.S. §§ 141A01 - 141A05
Zoning-building permit - See ZON. Art. 1324
Table of Building Regulations - See ZON. Appx. A
Structures unfit for human occupancy - See BLD. Art. 1733
Registration, Sale and Transfer of Real Estate - See ADM. Art. 119

1701.01 ADOPTION.

            That certain documents, viz, the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (PA UCC), Act No. 45-1999, as amended, be adopted as the official Codes of the City of Bethlehem, in accordance with the provisions of the Third Class City Code, 11 Pa.C.S. §§ 141A01 - 141A05, with the changes and amendments noted hereinafter, for the erection, construction, enlargement, alteration, repair, moving, removal, demolition, conversion, occupancy and maintenance of all buildings and structures of the City of Bethlehem providing for the issuance of permits and each and all of the regulations, provisions, conditions, and terms of the PA UCC, as amended, are hereby referred to, adopted, and made a part hereof as is fully set forth in this ordinance, with the changes and amendments noted hereinafter. (Ord. 2018-25. Passed 11/20/2018)


           Additions and deletions to be made to the PA UCC are as follows:

           UCC 403.1(b)(3); Change 1000 square feet to read 200 square feet, in accordance with section 303(b)(1) of the Act, delete sections 403.1(b)(8), 403.1(b)(9), 403.1(b)(10).

           UCC 403.3(a): Delete subject paragraph and substitute the following:

           UCC 403.3(a) Appointment

           The Chief Code Official shall be appointed by the head of the Department to which the Bureau of Code Enforcement is administratively assigned. At a minimum the Chief Code Official shall have a “Certified Building Official” certification and an “Accessibility Inspector/Plan Examiner” certification through the International Code Council in addition to a “Building Code Official” certification through the State of Pennsylvania. After appointment, he shall not be removed from office except in compliance with the City of Bethlehem Personnel Manual, as amended.

           UCC 403.3(b)(1); The Fire Marshal of the City of Bethlehem Fire Department and his designees shall be responsible for the enforcement of the International Fire Code. The Fire Marshal’s designees shall include Fire Inspectors, Fire Officers, Hazardous Materials Officers, and Police Officers.

Additions and deletions to be made to 403.21(a) of the referenced PA UCC are as follows:

            Whenever [name of Jurisdiction] appears, insert “City of Bethlehem”.

            403.21(a)(1) amendments to the International Building Code

           Add IBC 202.0 General Definitions

            Day and Night Average Sound Level - The 24 hour energy average of the A-weighted sound pressure level, with the levels during the period 10:00 P.M. to 7:00 A.M. the following day increased by 10 dBA before averaging.

           Add IBC 720.08 Installation of Sound Insulation

            Any new residential structure affected by vehicular, industrial or aircraft noise shall be designed so that the interior sound levels do not exceed a day-night average sound level of forty-five (45) decibels (calculated with the windows and doors closed). This may be accomplished by the acoustical insulation of the structure as specified in the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration Publication FHWA-TS-77-202 available from the City Planner. (Ord. 2018-25. Passed 11/20/2018)

IBC 903.4.4 Alarms. Approved audible devices shall be connected to every automatic sprinkler system. Such sprinkler waterflow alarm devices shall be activated by waterflow equivalent to the flow of a single sprinkler of the smallest orifice size installed in the system. Alarm devices shall be provided on the exterior of the building in an approved location. Where a fire alarm system is installed, actuation of the automatic sprinkler system shall actuate the building fire alarm system. In automatic sprinkler systems where multiple sprinkler risers are required, and the risers are located in separate areas within the building, an outside visible alarm notification appliance shall be required for each riser. Such appliance shall be a white strobe (minimum 95 candela strobe rating) placed in an approved location on the exterior wall, as close as practicable, to each sprinkler riser. The strobe will activate when the water flow alarm for its respective riser is activated. (Ord. 2014-21. Passed 8/5/2014; Ord. 2018-25. Passed 11/20/2018)


           Add IBC 3107.2 Bonds and Liability Insurance

           No person shall erect, install, remove or rehang any projecting sign for which a permit is required under the provisions of the Basic Code until there shall have been filed with the City Solicitor's office, a bond in the sum of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000) as herein required, or a Certificate of Liability Insurance coverage, adequate in the opinion of the City Solicitor.

           Add IBC 3303.8 Extermination

           The owner or contractor must present a letter from an exterminating company to the building inspector that the building has been exterminated or does not require extermination for rodents or insects prior to issuing razing permit. (Ord. 2018-25. Passed 11/20/2018)

           Add IBC 3307.2 Party Wall Maintenance

            In the case of an existing party wall or an existing exposed wall which is structurally sound and which is not intended to be used by the owner of the building being demolished and further that the surface of the said wall is to remain exposed, then the owner of the building being demolished shall preserve, at his own expense, the party or exposed wall, by ensuring that the exposed surfaces shall be made permanently waterproof by the application of stucco, brickote, gunite or other approved noncombustible materials.

           Add IBC 3307.3 Party Wall Repair or Replacement

           If a home is gutted for remodeling or, if a fire occurs and the party wall is damaged and needs to be replaced, it shall be replaced in accordance with the requirements of this code.

            3412.2 Insert “January 1, 1946”.

403.21(a)(5) Amendments to the International Plumbing Code

302 Exclusion of Materials Detrimental to the Sewer System

           303.1 Detrimental or Dangerous Material

           Delete subsection and substitute the following:

Controlled by Article 921

           302.2 Industrial Wastes

           Delete and substitute the following:

           Controlled by Article 921 and Article 923.

           305.4.1 Sewer Depth – Insert Thirty-six Inches (36”).

413.3 Commercial Foodwaste grinder outlets - Delete subsection and substitute the following:

           Commercial food waste grinder waste outlets are not permitted in the City of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

701.2 Sewer Required - Add subsection.

            701.2.1. Public Systems Available

           A public water supply system and/or public sewer system shall be deemed available to premises used for human occupancy if such premises abut along a street, alley, or easement, of the public water supply or sewer system and a connection conforming with the standards set forth in this Code may be made thereto.

903.1 Roof Extension – Insert Twelve Inches (12”).

1002.6 Building Traps - Delete and substitute the following.

           1002.6 Building Traps

           An approved house trap shall be installed in each house drain located below the cellar floor and just inside the foundation wall. There shall be an air inlet for fresh air entering the house drain just inside the water seal of the trap.

Size of house traps: the house trap shall not be less in size than the pipe it taps and in no case less than four (4) inches. Air inlets shall be four (4) inches in size for five (5) inch and six (6) inch drains, six (6) inches for eight (8) inch drains, and not less than eight (8) inches for all drains larger than eight (8) inches. All house traps shall be of the double hub pattern and shall in all cases be located and installed below the cellar floor.

403.21(a)(6) Amendments to the International Residential Code

            Insert the following in Table R301.2(1):

Ground snow Load – 30 lbs.
Wind Speed – 90
Topographic effects - no
Seismic Design Category – B
Weathering – severe
Frost line depth – 30”
Termite – moderate
Winter design temp – 9 degrees
Ice shield underlayment required – yes
Flood hazards – October 25, 1970; May 6, 2001
Air freezing index – 1000
Mean annual temperature – 50 degrees

P2603.5.1 Insert ’36 inches’ in both locations.

403.21(a)(7) Amendments to the International Fire Code

403.21(a)(7) Add section 806.1.1

Amend Section 5601.2.4 Financial Responsibility: Remove “$100,000” and replace with $1,000,000”.


(Ord. 4146. Passed 10/1/2002; Ord. 4254. Passed 6/15/2004; Ord. 4420. Passed 3/6/2007; Ord. 2010-3. Passed 3/16/2010; Ord. 2018-25. Passed 11/20/2018)

NOTE: Article 1701, International Building Code, of the Codified Ordinances, was deleted in its entirety and replaced with this new Article 1701, Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code.



International Building Code

1701.01   Adoption.
1701.02   Additions and Modifications; Fees; Penalty. (ICC 113.4)


Adoption by reference - See 3rd Class Charter Law §608(a)
[53 P.S. §41608(a)]; 3rd Class §2403(67) [53 P.S. §37403(67)]
Zoning-building permit – See ZON. Art. 1324
Table of Building Regulations – See ZON. Appx. A
Structures unfit for human occupancy – See BLD. Art. 1733

NOTE: This Article was deleted in its entirety and replaced with new Article 1701, Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (Ord. 4254. Passed 6/15/2004)