General Business Licenses and Permits

303.01 Licenses and permits; fees.
303.02 Term.
303.99 Penalty.


Power to license - See 3rd Class §2601 (53 P.S. §37601)


     (a)  All persons except as hereinafter provided in subsection (b) engaged in the following trades, businesses, occupations, or activities shall obtain a business license or permit and pay to the City Treasurer the following fees:

          (1)  (A)  Bus Companies              $ 35.00 per bus

                (B)  Taxicab Companies               $ 25.00 per taxicab 

           (2)  Carnivals and circuses except   $100.00 per year
those for religious, educa-
tional or charitable purposes

           (3)  Food Service Establishments     $1.00 per year

           (4)  Peddlers and solicitors of      $10.00 per day
bread, meat, vegetables and
food articles

          (5)  Peddlers and solicitors of       $10.00 per day
goods, wares, or merchandise

          (6)  Operas, shows, circuses and     $100.00 per year
all kinds of public exhibitions
for pay except those of reli-
gious, educational or charitable

           (7)  Utility Companies (including    $100.00 per year
gas, electric, telephone and

          (8)  Alarm Monitor Equipment          $100.00 per

               (Except in governmental entities) $100.00 per year

          (9)  Septic Tank Waste                     $25.00 per 1,000

               With a minimum charge of        $25.00 per load

         (10)  Inspection of Motor Fuel Meters $20.00 per meter

           (Ord. 3013.  Passed 9/3/85; Ord. 3064.  Passed 3/4/86;
Ord. 3186 §1. Passed 5/3/88; Ord. 3681.  Passed
4/4/95; Ord. 4152. Passed 11/6/2002; Ord. 2015-3 Passed 2/17/15.)    

     (b)  Members of political and/or religious organizations for the sale of political newspapers and/or religious articles are excepted from (a) above.  (Ord. 2833.  Passed 4/7/82.)

    303.02    TERM.

     All licenses or permits, unless otherwise indicated herein, shall be issued on an annual basis for the calendar year, renewable each January, and the fees set forth in Section 303.01 are due and payable on March 1 of each year and are not subject to proration of a part thereof.  (Ord. 1904 §2.  Passed 2/16/65.)

     303.99   PENALTY.

     Any person who violates any provision of this article shall be fined six hundred dollars ($600.00) or imprisoned not more than ninety days, or both.  (Ord. 1768 §1.  Passed 11/13/62; Ord. 3242.  Passed 2/7/89.)